Monday, September 29, 2008

how sweet it is....

... to be Lucy's mom. She is such a joy, she is adorable, (I'll let you see for yourself), and she is almost 6 weeks old! Oh, how the time flies. Lucy is currently taking a nap, which opens up some time for me to FINALLY update this blog! Yeah!

How was labor and delivery, you ask? Put simply (I'll spare you all the crazy details), it was SO stinkin hard... I do believe, however, that I have an extremely low pain tolerance. But, of course, now that she is here and I get to hold her, I see that she is MORE than worth it. I also had the greatest encouragement along the way. Many of you know that I am married to the most mellow man on earth, so he did a great job of calming me down. My sister and mom were with me, too, in the delivery room... I needed them all- they were wonderful- thanks guys :)

Ok, on to pictures. Who am I kidding? I bet nobody read this before looking at the pictures anyway... :)

after bath time...

She always raises her hand before asking a question... what great manners. :)

Dad and Lucy are giving each other their most serious face. I love this one.

I call this her "sad old man" face... a very cute sad old man ,that is.

She loves her boppy!

If you want to see more pictures... check our album on facebook, we will probably update that one more often.


courtney and aaron said...

oh my gosh... i'm still cracking up from the "sad old man" face! [really good description, kristen. and yes, it is a VERY CUTE sad old man face.] i love it. and i love the after-bath booties, too.
oh, i can't wait to see that little munchkin in person! thanks for the pictures, kristen. love you guys!

Megan said...

Goodness. I just checked blogs this morning...and I was wondering if you gave it up! Love you.

Anonymous said...

fyi. read your part before i looked at the amazing pictures.

Tim and Shannon said...

Congratulations! Lucy is SO cute!
~Tim, Shannon, and Brooke Brown

Kermit said...

That was a great video!!! it was really good to see you guys a couple of weeks ago