Monday, August 11, 2008

as promised...

Here are the polls and pictures!

These are a few pictures of when Jonathan caught me putting together the furniture in Lucy's room... after he told me to wait for him to do it. oops, I couldn't wait! :) He wasn't mad, though... he apparently thought it was funny and wanted to capture the moment.


courtney and aaron said...

that's hilarious... i love it. i could imagine myself doing the same thing. i'm glad jonathan found it cute, like a sweet husband/dad. (crazy! jonathan's gonna be a dad... and you're gonna be a mom!)


love you.

moxleyfam said...

yeah for the cute! i remember those crazy nesting instincts...a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

The Pray Family said...

oh yes the nesting is the best - savor it. i was totally impatient when it came to getting the baby stuff ready :)

i love your belly! i had that narrow bullet belly too, from behind people didn't know i was pregnant, even thought i was HUGE from the side. you are tiny everywhere else - you are such a cute preggy!

Melissa Turner said...

Lucy here yet?! You are GLOWING! I love that you have no fear in putting together furniture. Can't wait to see a picture of the beautiful family of 3!

p.s.- my parents enjoyed visiting with you. :)

Katya said...

Kristen! This is Katie Gentry! Remember how I called you so long ago... wow, I really dropped the ball on that one, but in a lovely coincidence I saw a picture of Kelly and a cute baby on facebook (we have a mutual friend)... and the caption said "proud auntie" and I said OHMYGOSH!!!! That might be Kristen's baby! CONGRATULATIONS to you! I still live in Pasadena so you are still my neighbor down there in orange county. I am going to call you soon (promise) and when you have a chance to breathe... maybe I can come visit?