Saturday, June 7, 2008

wrapping up...

This is our last week in Tokyo. We leave Narita Airport June 13th at 5 pm and arrive in LAX June 13th (yes, same day) at 11am. We are in fact time travelers, Gene.

Our last couple of days on campus were awesome. We were so loved on by students that we have been sharing Jesus with over the last 9 months. exciting... our team has seen a few people place their faith in Jesus just in the last month, or so. God is so faithful. He didn't have to show us fruit like that, but He did. And we are thankful. Mostly, we are overjoyed that we will be spending eternity with a few more Japanese friends.

Here are some highlights of the last month or so in pictures...

We went on a staff retreat with the Japanese staff last month. This is Yusuke and Kaori, 2 JCCC staff giving Jonathan and I a farewell gift... a sweet little shirt for Lucy that says I love Japan (in Japanese) on the back. So cute. We'll miss them.

Riding on crowded trains never gets old. We're actually really going to miss being able to walk or take public transportation everywhere.

This is my campus team (a mix of stinters and staff) on my last day at Waseda university. They gave Shyla and I flowers to say thanks...

...and Jonathans silly team took purikura to celebrate their last week on campus. :) We have SO many pictures like this from this year... a very Japanese activity.

Strange to think that my next post could very well be from the States. We'll miss it here for sure.

By the by... if any of you readers out there are San Diegans, we are having a dessert at Jonathan's parents' place on June 24th at 7pm to share some stories about our adventures in Tokyo. YOU are cordially invited to join us.

By the by, once again... my belly button has popped out like a butterball turkey. That is supposed to be an unofficial sign that the end of pregnancy is near. But, on the contrary friends... I still have 11 weeks to go. I keep trying to remind Lucy of that; we'll see if she's a good listener.