Sunday, May 18, 2008


We have experienced that once people find out that we have been living in Japan, they like to ask 2 questions...
1. Do you eat sushi? Answer: yes. we LOVE sushi.
2. Have you seen Sumo Wrestling?
Well, we can now emphatically answer, 'YES!'

This weekend our Stint team and a couple JCCC staff went to one day of a sumo tournament. It was amazing. We have a new appreciation and respect for this sport. It's so much more than huge men in thongs,with their hair in buns, pushing each other around... this is an EXPERIENCE. There is so much Japanese history and culture that has really been preserved in this sport. So, it's kind of like going back in time. The clothing (or lack there of), food, entertainment... it's awesome. If you ever get a chance to go... take it.

For your viewing pleasure, here are some sweet photos. Warning: brief partial nudity. proceed with caution... :)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

bad bad blogger

I know it. I'm a really bad blogger. I'm far from reaching my once a week goal and I'm barely making it once a month. I think I'll be better from now on. There is no promise in that, mind you. I just think I'll be better at it now. Time will tell, I suppose.

So, for the updates on life... there are many. Here are a few. There is a lot of emotion attached to all of these changes in life... excitement, sadness, hope, anxiety, etc. One common thread in it all: God is good. Really good.

- We leave Tokyo on June 13th. That feels soon, maybe because it is. I have been thinking lately about how before we left, my friend Lauren prayed for me. She prayed that Tokyo would be a hard place for me to leave. God is really faithful. There have been several things that have not been easy this year, but I can honestly say that I have fallen in love with this city and these people. Tokyo will be a very hard place for us to leave. I think that I will highlight some special Tokyo favorites and moments in the posts to come...

-We are moving to the Fullerton area to lead a new Campus Crusade missional team. We will be working at CSUF and other surrounding colleges. Although this was somewhat of a surprise option for us to consider... we have definitely felt Gods confirmation in the last couple of months that this is a place where He is preparing a home and ministry for us that honors Him. We will be apartment hunting as soon as we get back and hope to get settled in July sometime.

-We are having a baby GIRL! Lucy Joy. And let me tell you, she is indeed joyful. She dances around in my belly like she's in constant celebration. At any given moment wen I am sitting, you can look at my belly and actually SEE her doin' her thing. Pretty exciting stuff. I am 25 weeks- that's 15 more weeks of growth (which seems almost impossible at the moment). The most common greeting I have gotten from Japanese students lately is "Oki!" which means... "big". How sweet of them to notice. :) We are so thankful for how healthy Lucy and I have been.

Lucy is actually due a couple days before school begins at CSUF, what a whirlwind that will be!

-I have a wonderful husband. This is not really an update, he has loved me selflessly since we have been married. However, I feel like he should win some sort of medal for the way he has served me since I have been pregnant. He is a daily reminder to me of Gods faithful and loving provision in my life. Thank you, Jonathan and thank you Jesus.