Tuesday, March 25, 2008

march madness...

... sorry sports fans, this is not about basketball. :)

We have had a very eventful, VERY fun month. Baby is growing really quickly (in my opinion, my belly seems huge all of a sudden) and is very active. We had TWO family visits that we packed with as many exciting Tokyo experiences as possible. Having family here was so refreshing and much more normal than I thought. Thanks to skype and ichat, we really get to see family pretty often... and I love that. It was just really sweet to have them in our world... a place that has become really familiar to us, but is so unfamiliar to many people that we love.

Everyone loved it... I think it's hard not to love Tokyo. The people are very friendly, the city is so exciting, the food is extremely yummy and everywhere you go is safe and clean... it's hard to beat. Here are some picture highlights of family time and growing belly madness...

And... a big thank you to those who voted for a middle name! We'll be posting results and decisions soon! We find out in 10 days whether this is little Lucy or little Davis wiggling around in my belly.