Thursday, December 6, 2007

picture overload...

I am going to overwhelm you with pictures because it has been an overwhelming month. Overwhelming in a 'I'm a better person because of it' sort of way :). Life has been going fast and ministry has been really busy, but we have seen some great things happen! God is good, as usual. :) We only have a little over a month left in the semester and then we have a break- so we're going to keep on keepin on and trust the Lord as he does His good work.

this is our Thanksgiving Party- over 200 students plus Staff and Stinters... YEAH!

There is a stinter here who started a gospel choir. They performed for Thanksgiving and they were AWESOME!

We prepared a full thanksgiving meal for all 250+ people who came... I cooked 5 turkeys!!

stuffing. a lot of stuffing.

some of you have asked how the culture is rubbing off on us... :)

cruelty to animals