Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Has anyone ever told you...?

Yes, we say. People have told us that Jonathan looks like Brad Pitt. We would hear this pretty often when we were in the states, but it's pretty crazy how many people have said something since we have been in Japan. We were going to try and count how many times it happened in Japan, but we've already lost count. I guess you could say that I am a lucky woman, or maybe a very envied woman :)

We're actually thinking of turning this phenomenon into an opportunity for an outreach with college students. "Come meet the Brad Pitt look- a - like. Give us 10 minutes of your time and we'll even let you take a picture with him." Hmmm... that might be a stretch, but anything for the gospel, right!?

There has actually been more going on then Brad Pitt conversations, though. :) I'll be honest, it doesn't quite feel like home yet- but we're getting closer. I'm learning to navigate my way around the grocery store (very slowly, I'll admit, since everything is in Japanese), we're eating a lot of ramen, and slowly furnishing and decorating our apartment. maybe we'll set up a virtual tour soon. We had our first day on 2 campuses today, Waseda and Sophia, we just prayer walked gave ourselves a little tour. Next week is when a typical week of minstry will begin. We would love your prayers :)


courtney and aaron said...

i keep checking your blog, and i was thrilled to see you had a new entry! i think of you a lot.
i'm so glad God put you and jonathan together... you're such a great team.
i love you guys!
p.s. have you tried soba noodles? aaron and i buy them at the korean market in dallas, and they're SO yummy with stir fried veggies and teriyaki sauce on top. (they're a once/twice-a-week standard for us!) look them up on wikipedia, and you can see a picture! :)

The Seager Family said...

This post is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

We love sister and Juan! And we love being related to a celebrity.
david and kelly :)

Anonymous said...

i miss you guys and i love reading about your adventures! i think of you often :)
love, tine

The Phillips Family said...

Yes, I would say that you got a catch...and probably even better than Angelina Jolie. You may not resemble a movie star, but you are beautiful in your own right!
The Phillips family misses you like crazy. We will be praying for your ministry and for the familiarity of Lord's presence to be felt in the unfamilar places that you go.
XOXO-Jarrad, Erin, Addy, & Liam (the 16.5 month old the just decided to walk)

Anonymous said...

that is so funny but I kind of agree, he sort of does! blessed woman you are. anyways you guys are in our prayers!
love ya
Miguel & Geri