Wednesday, October 24, 2007

a new phase...

We have been here for 34 days. I remember when I was counting down the days before we left. Now we're here. We have been for 34 days. I like that. 34 days of all of the "firsts" and transitions and moving and culture shock. 34 days, I think, must be the mark of the end of the beginning, the end of transition. maybe? maybe not. I'm sure there is still much to adjust to and many more things that will demand our flexibility- but, I really do believe that we are entering into a new phase of being here... I would like to call it the "phase of familiarity".

We are now familiar with looking right first before we cross the street so we don't get run over by the cars driving on the left side of the road.
We are very familiar with walking and working an hour into our schedule to get anywhere.
We are familiar with the Japanese charachters that mean "lowfat milk"
We are familiar with taking our shoes off before we enter any home.
Bowing is familiar. I find myself bowing almost instinctively at any and all occasions to most everyone.
Skype is familar.
All 50 square feet of our apartment is familiar. Just jokin, it's more like 100 square feet. :)

We like living in big cities... although this city really does put LA to shame. There is an area of Tokyo- one train stop away from Mitaka (where we live) called Kichijoji. Mmm, I love Kichijoji. Not only is it one of the coolest words to say, it's also the place that has a romantic park and lake, my favorite cofffee shops, sushi, and clothing store (it's like banana republic clothes meet Old Navy prices). beautiful. The best part is that I can walk there from our apartment without taking the train. You should come visit, I'll take you there.

Ministry is slow, but going well. Jonathan and I went to campus just the two of us today to Nihon Universtity. We usually aren't on the same campus together, so it was a treat. We sat in the cafeteria and just talked to the students who came to sit next to us- it was one of my most encouraging days on campus. One of the guys actually lived in San Diego this summer, we bonded with him over conversation about mexican food. All of the students we talked to are planning on coming to our Halloween party outreach- Jonathan will be speaking at it about " the masks we wear". you can pray for him. :)

ok, enough writing for now, who even reads this much on a blog? I'll show you pictures instead.
This is me and two of my favorite Japanese CCC Staff members, Ayumi and Kaori

We found Indian food by our house that we love... all you can eat Nan! It's like Pita bread and it's huge and yummy!

train in the rain...

Jonathan and Paul went surfing in Chiba!

Jonathan and Kermit (one of our teammates) strolling through Mitaka. Take note of the Hello Kitty rugs and the cute boy in the corner- both of which are very easy to find here. :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Has anyone ever told you...?

Yes, we say. People have told us that Jonathan looks like Brad Pitt. We would hear this pretty often when we were in the states, but it's pretty crazy how many people have said something since we have been in Japan. We were going to try and count how many times it happened in Japan, but we've already lost count. I guess you could say that I am a lucky woman, or maybe a very envied woman :)

We're actually thinking of turning this phenomenon into an opportunity for an outreach with college students. "Come meet the Brad Pitt look- a - like. Give us 10 minutes of your time and we'll even let you take a picture with him." Hmmm... that might be a stretch, but anything for the gospel, right!?

There has actually been more going on then Brad Pitt conversations, though. :) I'll be honest, it doesn't quite feel like home yet- but we're getting closer. I'm learning to navigate my way around the grocery store (very slowly, I'll admit, since everything is in Japanese), we're eating a lot of ramen, and slowly furnishing and decorating our apartment. maybe we'll set up a virtual tour soon. We had our first day on 2 campuses today, Waseda and Sophia, we just prayer walked gave ourselves a little tour. Next week is when a typical week of minstry will begin. We would love your prayers :)