Monday, June 11, 2007

the count down

We just found out our official departure date for STINT... September 20. You may think, 'My goodness, that's a long time from now.' Well, I'm thinking that. I was actually a little disappointed when I found out. But then, when I realized I was disappointed about having to wait, I realized that it means that I must have been really excited to go in the first place. Then I was happy. I'm thankful that God has prepared our hearts so much to go that we feel ready now! And now we have more time for raising support, moving, preparing everything, etc. God is good.

This picture is of the craziest pedestrian intersection in the world. It's the Shibuya train stop in Tokyo. Jonathan and a couple of students decided to take a little break in the middle of the street. awesome.


kelly said...

Yay Whitmores! We are excited for you as you prepare to go to Tokyo. AND we're getting our skype capabilities ready to go so we don't miss a moment. Love the picture.

The Seager Family said...

Hey...I did not know you have a blog. Check out Chase on ours!

moxleyfam said...

hey kris... i read a fun article in the paper yesterday, all about L.A's Tokyo Town, and it made me think of you guys! miss you and love you!


kelly said...

we want more Whitmore posts! update us please!